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Tim wrote:

> The one who missed things was you.  I wasn't using pseudonyms, I already
> had an address that blocked spam, and it was a real e-mail address.  My
> mail client was already set up exactly as you were telling me to change
> it to ("from" addressing information, etc.).  You looked at the wrong
> information (message IDs and mail SERVER addresses in the headers).
> Look again... this time not quoting the information.  I'd have to stuff
> up using proper domain names throughout my entire computer network to
> remove that information.

I still don't get what the *real* issue is....

Spammers don't go through hoops to get email addresses to spam to.  And they
certainly aren't interested in targeting a single individual.  The processes
that do grab email addresses do from various headers which is why I get
incoming mail addressed to [email protected] cause that was in a
Message-Id header.

I really don't think anyone is all that interested in finding out who you
are.  At least not the spammers.  If anyone really wanted to out you all
they would have to do is look in the headers and then do an appropriate
"whois" lookup.

If you really want to be "anonymous" then you really need to do a better job
of it...and there is no point in complaining that someone named you when the
veil you've placed around yourself is as transparent as it is.

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