Re: Does the font look weird on this site?

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On Sat, 2007-10-20 at 09:15 +0930, Tim wrote:
> Tim:
> >> It's really an unnecessary convolution, just adding more chances of
> >> getting it wrong.  There's too many variables for any one author to
> >> know about, and too many compromises to have to make.
> Craig White:
> > It's not an unnecessary's a reality.
> > 
> > It's clear that you know nothing about designing web sites because
> > there is browser & OS specific code on most professionally designed
> > web sites...that's a fact. You would know that if you did serious web
> > design. 
> Nice try at being insulting, but in kind: stick your head back up your
> arse.  It is clear that you know nothing about me.
> a:  It is unneccessary to go changing fonts.  Wanted, perhaps, still
> unneccessary.  And, shall we say, "fucking stupid" to set text that
> needs to be read to minimum sizes.
> b:  I do know about designing websites, I've been writing them for
> years.  Ones that work on all browsers, without needing conditional
> coding.  I am well aware of font issues, which is a whole other matter
> than playing silly buggers with scripting, Java, and layout.
> Once you get into conditional programming, you make this common mistake:
>    Is browser MSIE or Netscape?  Then it's X...
> Whether it's an if/then/else, or has a few others in the middle of the
> conditional list, it's *never* complete, and is virtually guaranteed to
> serve somebody with crap, that would have otherwise served *everyone*
> better with just one set of standard, correct, pages.
Hear! Hear!  Go TIM!!
Les H

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