Re: Does the font look weird on this site?

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On Sat, 2007-10-20 at 08:12 +0930, Tim wrote:
> Tim:
> >> That'll just depend on what fonts you have available on each, and how
> >> your display is rendered.
> Craig White:
> > actually, that is not true any longer. It has become common for web
> > designers to identify OS and Browsers being used and to offer different
> > markup and stylesheets for the various browsers and OS's installed.
> > 
> > Thus if you 'view source' you may see entirely different source
> > depending upon these and other variables.
> It's really an unnecessary convolution, just adding more chances of
> getting it wrong.  There's too many variables for any one author to know
> about, and too many compromises to have to make.
It's not an unnecessary's a reality.

It's clear that you know nothing about designing web sites because there
is browser & OS specific code on most professionally designed web
sites...that's a fact. You would know that if you did serious web

Professional web designers use CSS to work around the differences in web

"After the browser wars subsided, and the dominant browsers such as
Internet Explorer became more W3C compliant, designers started turning
toward CSS as an alternate means of laying out their pages. CSS
proponents say that tables should be used only for tabular data, not for
layout. Using CSS instead of tables also returns HTML to a semantic
markup, which helps bots and search engines understand what's going on
in a web page."

A really good source for thoughtful CSS is...

"Different browsers display differently, even completely valid CSS at
times, and this becomes maddening when a fix for one leads to breakage
in another."

I recognize your opinion about minimizing variables as one that is
antiquated and might have some understanding of the way html design was
done 5+ years ago but that doesn't begin to represent the way things are

Craig White <[email protected]>

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