Re: [Fedora] Re: SELinux Attack! Solved

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On Fri, October 12, 2007 1:56 pm, Karl Larsen wrote:

> But those who doubted it was a SELinux Attack are wrong. It really was
> and it was severe! A normal user like me are very afraid when our
> computer stops and can not find cups.

In the defense of the people who attempted to help you.. You are a very
difficult person to provide technical support too. The biggest issue is
the initial lack of evidence regarding the issue you have. You rarely show
command line output, logs, or error messages. It usually is only a
paragraph or two in which you outline an issue and the conclusion you have
usually jumped too.

In addition when people try to help you and follow common troubleshooting
steps you are unwilling to do them and sometimes become hostile with the
attitude that you know more/better then the person trying to help you. In
addition when the issue is solved and you happen to be right about the
cause you gloat and alienate the people who attempted to help you.

- Erich

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