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On Tue, 25 Sep 2007, Andy Green wrote:

There are all sorts of laws in other countries, probably .au too, about
what you are allowed to "monitor", especially when it is to do with
email.  Just a FYI.

I know the laws vary country to country, i dont need to know what it is anywhere but here, I know in some countries they are not permitted to monitor anything at all, its not that we do it for the hell of it, its because we have a reason, id much rather listen to the radio and drink my de-caf :)

If someone is offering a service at a particular bandwidth, I am paying
the bills, then of course if I want to max out that service 24/7 I will
do so.  (Typically my traffic too is silent 90% of the time and bursty
the rest, but it's not the point).  Whose fault is it they set the
contention ratio -- for profit -- too high?  Not mine, I paid for the

you dont run an isp network do you, in fact youve nefver had anything to do with running of one have you :) I can tell because you have no factual grasp on reality on whats involved. If you think its a profitable business model to do a 1:1 for 70 bucks a month and flatline your conenction 24/7, then why dont you start your own ISP :) but, you have to only take on custoemrs like0mionded in other words you cant do what every otehr isp doesm and thats allow the ones paying teh same dollar as you but barely use 1G a month off-set your costs.

Clearly we are on different sides of the fence on this issue.

of course, you are a user who wants everything for nothing, you know how many times ive heard your line of reasoning before over the past 10 plus years? I couldnt tell you, ive lost count, im sure i could easily retire by now if i had 5 dollars each time though.

So well have to agree to disagree



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