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Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
David Krings wrote:
If bios sees the drives as separate things, then that's how you have
to install grub, since it has to call bios to load the kernel.  On a
real hardware raid, bios will only see the array.
BIOS sees them as one drive. A working F7 sees them as two drives and as
one under the /mapper dir.
I could see this to be a BIOS problem if nothing loads, but GRUB does
load at least so far as that it gets to the grub> prompt. So it is not
that BIOS is confused. It is purely a GRUB issue.

It could be a grub configuration issue. It could be that it is using
the wrong BIOS device number when it tries to load the files from
the grub directory. It would be interesting to see the contents of
/boot/grub/ and /boot/grub/grub.conf. It would be
interesting if the BIOS mapped the PATA devices 80 through 83, and
the SATA drives as 84 and 85. (I seam to remember some BIOS's that
did something like that is the past.) I would think that would make
the drive hd4 instead of hd0.


Well possible, but for now I dumped the broken GRUB and made this box to boot into XP only. I did not kill the F7 partition and may get back to it later. I just want to finally use my new system.

I leave it at that as there seems to be no way to get an answer to my original question. :(


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