Re: Alternative booting

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Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
I suspect that the problem you are running into is that the file does not match the setup after you hook the Windows
drive back up, so that when you install another kernel, or update
grub, grub is trying to use the wrong drive.

The extra drives aren't Windows specific. Although they have partitions on them, they are just plain NTFS partitions in an extended partition.

Well, is there any way to tell grub at the grub> prompt to look for some bootable ext2 file system? Dare I write it, but even Windows can do that since the stone ages (and no, it isn't always first partition on the first drive, at least not for NT/2K/XP).

I mean, GRUB ought to be a bit smarter...not that I'm saying I can make a better or any boot loader.


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