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On 18/08/07, Andy Green <[email protected]> wrote:
> > So, is the system using 1024 MB of RAM, or only 256? It is dead slow,
> > and I easily outtype it (I wait to see my letters appear on the
> Outtype it using which software?

Anything from a new Firefox session, to Kate, to Konsole.

> > screen). All software is _slow_, especially digikam which we use a
> > lot. Note that mplayer video and mp3 files in Amarok play fine.
> $ cat /proc/meminfo
> MemTotal:      2051868 kB

MemTotal:      1000536 kB
That makes me feel a bit better, thanks.

> Perhaps it is more likely cpuspeed has slowed the processor down due to
> it being mostly idle?  Use
> $ cat /proc/cpuinfo
> and see what speed it reported there after the machine is idle for some
> time.

cpu MHz         : 1300.080
So,  that's what it should be.

Furthering investigation of the slow computer, I see that Xorg stays
very high in top, with values like this:
 2471 root      15   0 50440 9.8m 4368 S  0.3  1.0   0:57.83 Xorg

Is that considered excessive? What else could be causing this thing to
run so slow?

Dotan Cohen

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