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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> On 18/08/07, Andy Green <andy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> So, is the system using 1024 MB of RAM, or only 256? It is dead slow,
>>> and I easily outtype it (I wait to see my letters appear on the
>> Outtype it using which software?
> Anything from a new Firefox session, to Kate, to Konsole.

I've never seen Konsole lag on typing.

> Furthering investigation of the slow computer, I see that Xorg stays
> very high in top, with values like this:
>  2471 root      15   0 50440 9.8m 4368 S  0.3  1.0   0:57.83 Xorg
> Is that considered excessive? What else could be causing this thing to
> run so slow?

0.3% of your CPU and 1.0% of your memory usage is unusually light for
xorg, if anything.  What does the top line of top say, for load avg, and
the third line for "%id"?

Also, what does

$ cat /proc/interrupts

say?  Another cool new tool is powertop, it exposes who is waking the
processor out of idle and how often, I would yum install that and paste
what the results are -- be aware moving your mouse will skew them heavily.


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