Re: Yum, the repo, and failed dependencies

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At 4:15 PM +0200 8/9/07, Ingemar Nilsson wrote:
>The last several months, I have seen a rising occurrence of failed
>dependencies when I try to install or update packages. Today, I wanted
>to install the package groups "Development Tools" and "Development
>Libraries", but of course, there were (again) failed dependencies, and
>the package installation would abort.

I don't think most of us have been having such issues, so it may be a
problem with some of the mirrors in the "localized" mirrorlist yum is
getting.  You can see what yum is working with by fetching an instance of
the mirrorlist with wget using the mirrorlist url from, say,
/etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-updates.repo -- be sure to fill in the variables.
You would then be able to figure out which mirrors to report against
fedora-infrastructure in bugzilla, and you could set up a workaround with
each .repo file using a baseurl listing the better "nearby" mirrors.

I wish yum would say which mirror it is using each time.
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