Yum, the repo, and failed dependencies

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The last several months, I have seen a rising occurrence of failed dependencies when I try to install or update packages. Today, I wanted to install the package groups "Development Tools" and "Development Libraries", but of course, there were (again) failed dependencies, and the package installation would abort.
I understand issues such as mirror discrepancies, and the tendency of
Yum to only try the latest version of each package. It would be great to
have a way for Yum to try earlier versions of packages to satisfy
available dependencies.
If I try to install package foo-1.1, which requires bar-1.1, but only
bar-1.0 is available (e.g. due to lagging mirror sync), wouldn't it be
possible for Yum to try with foo-1.0 instead? Is there maybe already
such an option? As it is now, I'd have to track down all those packages
manually, just because Yum insists on installing the latest version. It
should be the default, but it should also try older versions if it
cannot satisfy the dependencies of the latest version.
With updates, there is the skip-broken Yum plugin, but that won't help
when I have a specific package to install.

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