Re: Fedora Core 6 HUGE problem

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Les Mikesell wrote:
> *AND* because the fedora distribution does nothing to assist their users
> in installing the driver that Nvidia makes freely available.  The
> party-line argument that third party drivers cause support problems kind
> of falls on its face when the included driver doesn't work at all...
Nvidia supplies the driver, shouldn't they also supply the support
for it? After all, Nvidia is getting profit for selling the
hardware. They are also the people that know what is in the driver.
Why should someone else be expected to provide support if Nvadia
isn't willing to provide the source for their driver, or at least
the information needed so someone else can create an open source driver?

Now, if Nvidia was willing to supply RedHat with the source code for
their driver, and pay them to support it, then you might have a
valid argument. Then again, it would be better if Nvidia were to
supply Xorg with the information and money, as they are really the
people that should do the video support. But until Nvidia is willing
to supply the information, things will probably stay the way they
are now.


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