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Alan Cox wrote:
I started a du on my 250 gig backuppc partition when I read the first message in this thread. It hasn't finished yet. It doesn't have a single very large directory - just very many filenames. I thought this thread was about du taking a long time to complete, not just one kind of layout that exhibits the problem.

Ok That is interesting and since its not a single very large directory
ought not to be happening

Your backuppc partition is on what kind of media and file system ?

It's a reiserfs created several years ago on RAID1/IDE drives. At the time it seemed much faster at creating/deleting files than the other filesystem choices. The status for the hashed/pooled filename directory says:
Pool is 162.22GB comprising 2576727 files and 4369 directories
But there are many more hardlinks into this pool representing the tree structure of each of the machines for each backup run.

If the du ever finishes I'll get a count of actual filenames.

  Les Mikesell
   [email protected]

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