Re: FC4 -> FC6

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On 3/28/07, Timothy Murphy <tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Kam Leo wrote:

> Yes, it does take a long time. My systems have almost every package is
> selected for installation. Upgrading just from FC5 to FC6 took about
> forever. This is especially apparent when a system has the mimimum
> (256MB) amount of recommended memory. You can see the hard drive being
> accessed all the time while the DVD drive sits idle.

I upgraded and installed FC5-FC6 on the same (450MHz PIII) machine,
and did not notice any great difference in time.

> IMHO, this is probably due to use of an inefficient algorithm for
> processing the packages. Smart package manager had a similar problem
> until they changed algorithms.

I assumed upgrade and clean install both use yum.
Is that incorrect?

Yes, yum is used. However, the amount of memory installed plays a big
difference in performance. That is why I made the reference to
smartpm.   Before changing algorithms smart-0.28 took hours to update
its cache. This is on a 450 MHz K6-2 system with 256 MB RAM (maximum
supported by motherboard). The developers changed algorithms and, now,
smart-0.4+ has improved to the point where I choose it over yum for
upgrading my system.

How much memory do you have installed in that system? If you can, try
putting just 256MB of RAM in that machine. Then you'll see how much
system performance suffers.

Timothy Murphy

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