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David Boles wrote:
Luc MAIGNAN wrote:
Yes, that's ok, but what should I put ?

Since you are top posting I will too. Perhaps you will see this before you
trash your FC4 install.

You only need to install the package named  fedora-release-6-4.noarch.rpm

This will set your repos variable to FC6. Then go to init level 3.

yum clean all

yum check-update  -  will show you *all* the packages to update

yum update  -  then answer   yes  when prompted will do the update.

*Remember* - *important* - You should do this in init 3 to avoid a 'crash'
about half way through that can leave multiple versions listed in your rpm

If all goes well you should have a FC6 when you are finished. You will most
likely have some things to fix though.

I went from FC4 to FC6 in January. In February, I hosed the upgrade and did a clean install. I just couldn't fix all the outstanding issues. There are a lot of changes that made things worse.

There are many applications that I was running in FC4 that I still have not found for FC6 in rpm form. There were some FC4 binaries left all over the place as well as some broken links.

It also took a very very long time to do, almost all day. A clean install was under an hour plus the updates.

I was planning on doing the FC4 to FC6 at home but have since decided that I will wait for FC7 and do a clean install.

Now, it may be different if you do not use any other repositories than core and extras.

My upgrade did work okay for those applications that were upgraded so you will have to make your choice.
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