Re: Can't get NetworkManager to configure ntp

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Aaron Konstam:
>>> I thought a laptop is a machine you can move to different place and
>>> therefore different networks.

>> Not everybody does that.  Some just use theirs around different spots on
>> the same premises.

Aaron Konstam:
> You know sometimes we spend a lot of time denying the obvious. A laptop
> is designed to move around. So if the OP found himself in a hotel in
> another city with his laptop he would have to access a different
> network. The case of moving the laptop around in the same network
> certainly is possible but I would assume be a rare case and can be
> removed from any general discussion.

Read what I said in my initial response, pay attention to the second

"I thought you only needed that if you were going to be connecting to
different networks.  If you're always using the same network, you
wouldn't need it."

Notice the "if" clause.  The original poster could have looked at that
response, and determined whether it was of any aid to them, and that was
all that was needed. 

Since *you* chose to *argue* the point, I pointed out that some people
*do* only use a laptop in one place.  You might recognise that.  You
might realise that you hadn't thought of it, and shutup.

> Unless, of course, one is committed to argumentation.

Physician, heal thyself...

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 important to the thread.)

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