Can't get NetworkManager to configure ntp

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I'm trying to convert from static host configurations to dhcp. My understanding is that on dhcp clients I should remove my ntp server from ntp.conf, with the understanding that when the network interface is set up by dhcp, the dhcp-provided option setting will be used by NetworkManager/dhclient to add the network's ntp server to ntp.conf. Everything works except for this part. When I plug the cable into the network port, the machine gets its IP address from the dhcp server, gets the nameservers from the dhcp server, but for some reason ntp.conf remains untouched.

My dhcpd.conf reads:

host t43 {
       hardware ethernet 00:11:25:B1:40:60;

# This is the dhcp client I'm configuring

subnet netmask {

       option subnet-mask    ;

       deny unknown-clients;

       option routers        ;
       option domain-name-servers;
       option ntp-servers    ;

. . .

When I plug it in, the machine gets its IP address, router IP, and DNS ip, but ntp.conf does not get updated.

How do I debug this? I tried stracing the NetworkManager process, but I cannot see it forking/cloning/execing dhclient and dhclient-script.

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