Re: Where are all the updates gone?

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On Sun, 2007-03-04 at 11:54 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Aaron Konstam wrote:
> >>
> > That is strange. Nearly every week someone attacks a poster who complains
> > about the latest Fedora by saying Fedora is supposed to be bleeding
> > edge. If they want stability they are told to go to a different version
> > of Linux. Is that opinion not shared by the Fedora Board people?
> Depends on what they mean by "stability". If they are talking about 
> robustness, Fedora is meant to be as robust as we can while trying to 
> provide the latest versions in general. If they mean, heavy backports to 
> older versions, Fedora wouldn't fit their requirements.
> When folks are complaining about bug fixes as such they should be 
> encouraged to file bug reports and provide feedback to developers or 
> participate more in actual development or testing of Fedora development 
> or updates-testing repository.
> Rahul
Let us be clear. I willing to accept that filing bugzillas has a purpose
but it does not allow you to get a solution to the problem you are
facing. I pointed out all the problems FC6 were causing me (all of which
I solved without help[ from bugzilla) and I did what people told me to
and filed three bugzillas. One fell into a black hole (since I  since a
record of the original post was not sent to me). On the second I have
never heard anything. The third I was told it is not red hat's problem
go complain to someone else. But reports do nothing for the poster in
the near term.

Fedora as I posted has problems on older machines that no previous
Fedoras has. To me it is less stable and usable that nay other Red Hat
product. I explained the problems in the official manner and received no
help at all from Fedora. The fact that FC6 works for some other people
is of no help to me.

On another level. I find grub better then lilo but if people on this
list don't agree with people like Res they can well control themselves
from ad homonym arguments. Saying he posted while drunk is unacceptable
in my view.
Aaron Konstam <[email protected]>

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