Re: Can Evolution be used to access yahoo mail?

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On Mon, 2007-02-05 at 14:08 -0700, Gueckel, P. wrote:

> Yes, the problem has been solved: there never was one (hehehe). I didn't know 
> google doesn't allow downloading of one's own mails to oneself.

I think I will go to google and bitch about it. If two or more do the
same thing, it may get some attention. 

> As for your problem, I have nothing to add, I'm afraid.
> Andy Roddau spelled it out as clearly as can be (I quote):
> For POP
> Username = username@gmail com
> host =
> port = 995
> Encryption = SSL
> Auth = Clear text
> For SMTP
Server type correct
> Username = username@gmail com
> host =
> port = 587
evolution doesn't seem to require this port number
> Server does require authentication
> Encryption = TLS
> Auth = Plain Text
I use Login
and Remember Password is checked. 
> The above works for me in Kmail.
> --- end quote ---
> It works for me, too. Evolution should be the same.

Almost, as I noted above. Ric

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