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Tom Horsley wrote:
On Tue, 28 Nov 2006 12:32:27 +0000
Anne Wilson <cannewilson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

OK - 300,000 installs in 3.5 weeks. Would you be prepared to sort the wheat from the chaff in these reports?

So if there are 300,000 folks interested enough to respond to a survey,
maybe there are also 300,000 folks interested enough to see what they think
the most important points were in some of the other surveys. Wouldn't
take 300,000 folks long to sort through them and come up with the most
important points.

The survey requirement reminds me of the attitude that some had during RHL days. Most people even refused to complete the surveys when it was conditional to get free RHN access for retrieving updates.

IMO, the survey would hit people the same way. They would find these surveys invasive.

I replied to the surveys and kept my RHN access during the time. I did not find them invasive but a chance to help improve the distro.

The only alternative that I could see if this list also had a web interface where periodic surveys could be accumulated such as egroups used to provide. The only drawback is that no-one ever seemed to want to fill those things out, even though the interface provided the option.

All in all, damned if they do, damned if they don't provide a survey mechanism.


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