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Timothy Murphy wrote:
Matthew Miller wrote:

To be a bit blunt, it doesn't help much for people who aren't involved in
a project to suddenly jump in to voice complaints. Generally, that's
followed by a lot of talk (often flaming) and no actual contributions.
I don't agree with this.
I think the Fedora developers could and should make more of an effort
to get feedback from users.

My strong impression is that the Anaconda developers, for example,
have little or no idea what problems people have installing Fedora.
The same problems come up - eg difficulty reading CDs -
issue after issue.
I think at the very least people should be asked 
at the end of the installation if they are willing to complete 
a short survey, asking what problems (if any) they encountered,
or what suggestions they have to clarify the installation.

Perhaps there could be a Fedora team concerned with user interface.

     I agree wholeheartedly.  Although I have never had any problems with installing Fedora, it is still a good idea to have a short survey after the installation (assuming, of course you are able to complete the installation) where people can sound off on how their individual installation went or how it can be improved.  As for any upcoming changes, I personally believe it would be a great idea to introduce changes gradually instead of making wholesale changes all at once. 

Jeffrey D. Yuille
44 Royal Drive, apt # 103
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854

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