Proposed changes for fedora

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Dear all,

  When visiting, I found the following
information about Fedora

Far-reaching changes affecting the Fedora distribution
are looming on the horizon. Discussed by the project's
core developers during the recently concluded Fedora
Summit, a number of new ideas are currently being
submitted for approval by Red Hat. If they are
accepted, the "Core" and "Extras" parts of Fedora will
merge into what is tentatively called Fedora
"Complete", with two separate products, named "Fedora
Desktop" and "Fedora Server", emerging from the huge
software list. Extending the current support period of
about 9 months to around 13 months is another
important proposal that will please many Fedora users.
Those who enjoy remastering the distribution for their
own purposes will be excited to learn about "pungi"
and "pilgrim", two tools that will allow building
custom distributions and live CDs/DVDs. Pilgrim is
also expected to help with delivering an official
Fedora live CD/DVD. There is a lot more - please visit
the Proposed Changes to the Release Process and Live
CD Roadmap pages on for more details
about these and other changes affecting the popular

Is there any way for the community to have some input
on these issues?

Is there also another way to find out that these
changes are being proposed?  Many community members
are uninformed and object to some changes when they
are made, but since they had no voice they could not
do anything about it.  

Some of these changes like "Fedora Total" seem very
logical.  We'll still have to wait and see what



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