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>> If you want to run any server that accepts connections through your
>> firewall, you need to open ports through it, and possibly forward ports
>> through.  It depends on the system, some modem/routers don't act as a
>> firewall, some aren't enabled, some will try to automatically route
>> connections through (I've seen one that uses NAT, and does that for
>> you).

Michael Wiktowy:
> That is the whole reason for STUN AFAIK. It uses a STUN server on the
> outside of the firewall to negotiate a path back to two peers that are
> behind a NAT firewall using the inherent NAT inner workings so that
> the peers can talk to each other directly.

Yes, that's what you do with "clients", I was talking about running

> All SIP providers and clients that I have experience with use this
> method for accepting calls through a NAT withtou having to administer
> the NAT firewall. GTalk (jingle/jabber based) also uses this method.

As I'd said previously.

(Currently testing FC5, but still running FC4, if that's important.)

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