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Andy Green wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:

To give it its due, gedit can open http:// locations read-only, but I can't admin websites with that. Kate gives me security and convenience. (If there is a way to do the equivalent in Gnome, I will be grateful to be educated)
The latest version of Gedit has support for writing on locations where
GNOME VFS supports it.
Does that in fact include ssh transport?

Talking about bindings when I am talking about architecture is misleading.
I am not talking merely about bindings. GTK is written in C and has
never been recommended for applications even by Owen Taylor. GNOME and
KDE developers use a variety of languages to write applications that
*are* part of the desktop environments. GNOME hackers know C and KDE
hackers know C++ is extremely simplistic and incorrect.

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