Re: Why questions don't get answered, or "No, I've already RTFM, tell me the answer!"

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On 12/30/05, Antonio Olivares <[email protected]> wrote:

Ok!  We can still get all the goodies, no problem a
little bit of work.  I can live with that, but other
people want the cake and eat it too.  Thank you for
the explanation.  I thought that the Fedora Foundation
upon release from Red Hat's grip, would allow for
inclusion of the programs that could not be added
because of licensing issues.

Users who want everything so neatly and conviently packaged should pony up cash to pay for the non-free things they wish to enjoy. And in all fairness, by the graces of the guys at Livna and ATrpms, all these free things can easily be added to a fresh install.

Do I sense some Red Hat dislike in your tone?

> > By the way is this the longest thread of the year,
> or
> > will it be Peter Whalley,
> > Enquiring minds want to know.
> ----
> who cares?

Just a curiosity!  No damage or hard feelings
intended.  :)

I think it is fair to say this is not the longest  thread. Earlier  this year there was a thread about top posting and other bad list practices, that thread was very long if I remember correctly.

> Craig

As a boy I jumped through Windows, as a man I play with Penguins.

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