Re: constant hard drive activity on my laptop...?

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Christopher J. Bottaro wrote:

Hello again,

       This is the second laptop I have got where this happens.  There is tiny
hard drive activity consistently every 2-3 secs.  By "tiny" I mean I can
hear the hard drive make a small noise for a split second.  Sometimes its
so small that the hard drive activity light doesn't come on.  The problem
is that it happens consistently every 2-3 secs...very annoying and also
causes me to be suspect.

       Top doesn't show any interesting.  I am using KDE 3.3.2.  Does anyone have
any ideas about what might be causing this?  Are there some services or
daemons that I can turn off?

Thanks for the help.

Have you tried running smartctl? You might be interested, also, in a message posted on fedora-list a short while back advising subscribers that the 2.6.10 kernels seemed to be hard on disks. In a thread titled, "fc3 with kernel 2.6.10 stresses hard disk", Walter Neumann reported,

My current kernel is 2.6.10-1.766_FC3, but earlier 2.6.10 kernels did
the same. Booting back into a 2.6.9 kernel fixes the problem.

I fixed the problem for myself in 2.6.10 by adding "hdparm -B254
/dev/hda" to my startup scripts.

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