Proprietors are not there to help you, they are there to sell and dictate terms to you.

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Rick Bilonick wrote:
> Opensource software only exists because some people believe it's a good 
> thing.

Many software businesses, particularly the ones you probably most disagree
with, love the Open Source movement because it legitimizes their existence
and approves of their monopolistic behavior by disguising it as a public
service.  The Open Source Initiative gives licenses like the APSL v1 the
same imprimatur as the GNU GPL or new BSD license.  No difference is drawn
to highlight which licenses are more liberal in their terms, or which
preserve the freedoms of free software for everyone in derivative works.

> I have no problem with proprietary software and I don't care if
> people use it. What I do care about is having some companies trying to
> outlaw opensource so they can have a monopoly.

You're supporting contradictory motivations.  All proprietors are
monopolies.  Furthermore, if given the opportunity, they will expand their
market to outlaw competitors.  They can't all afford the legal mechanisms
available to achieve that end (they can't all afford to acquire software
patents, for instance).

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