Re: cpu overheating

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James Wilkinson wrote:
Roo wrote:

Saying that software which fully utilises the CPU has a DEFECT
is witless drivelling of the worst kind.

Mike McCarty wrote:

It is not, because Linux is not intended to utilize the CPU like that.
That is an extraordinary claim. Absolutely extraordinary.
It seems perfectly natural to me.

Are you *seriously* suggesting that Linux computers are not meant to run
processor-intensive code?
Read what I wrote very carefully.

I said that *LINUX* is not intended to utilize the CPU like
that. I said nothing about applications which might be written
for Linux. I said that the OS itself is not supposed to be
CPU intensive.

That seems perfectly natural and unremarkable to me.

My machine normally runs 4% to 8% utilization, most of that being
in X.
That is completely irrelevant.
No, it is not, because it shows that Linux itself is not
CPU intensive. I stated above that Linux was not intended
to be CPU intensive, and I provided evidence that it actually
is not CPU intensive.


Are you seriously suggesting that people should not do 3D games, media
encoding, scientific applications or compiling on Linux?
I seriously said what I said, but not what you read into it.

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