Re: system-config-users 1.2.39 broken?

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On Thu, 2005-10-06 at 09:25 -0600, Robin Laing wrote:

> I respond that with tab completion, navagating trees or anything is 
> still allot easier than any GUI I have tried.  Tab completion can even 
> help when I get confused as it will give me a list of possible names.

Using both methods, a lot, I find keyboarding around a significant pain.
Type a few letters, hit tab, type a few more, hit tab, type a few more,
hit tab, trying to get the right one out of various files or directories
that start with similar characters.  It does you no good in a folder
with a few hundred images all named something hideous like

> If I am doing various things from the CLI, I can use the arrow keys 
> and get back to previous command via history.

Again, up, up, up, up, up, edit, is more work than selecting any bunch
of displayed files, then dragging them to the next window, or hitting
some function button.  Even more so when you keep repeating the task.
And, no, I'm yet to find any situation where you could script that,
because you've got a lot of changing variables each time you do it
(different sources, different destinations, simply a copy, a move, a
rename as well...).

> I have tried many different file managers and I still end up moving 
> back to the CLI for what I do.

I've tried quite a few, and I nearly always end up using the CLI on
Linux *because* the GUIs on it just plain suck.  Prime example,
Nautilus.  They all look like a young software writer has had a go at
making a file *browser*, not manager, added a few bells and whistles,
then gave up.

> And Opus looks like Nautilus.

It's nothing like it.  Nautilus is just plain crap, almost as bad as
Explorer.  Slow, and with very limited features.  It's nothing more than
a file browser, really.

For those not familiar with DOpus, a slightly closer equivalent might be
Midnight Commander.  But even Midnight Commander is poorly featured, in
comparison, and the TUI version is a hideous DOS-like throwback.

I'm only picking on DOpus, by the way of example.  It's a GUI tool that
does all the bells and whistles that any die hard CLI fan will do when
managing files, it's configurable up to the hilt, but still simple to
use.  I only wish there was a Linux version of it, but the author's not
about to spend time on that as there's no money in it.

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