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Ashley M. Kirchner <ashley <at>> writes:

> ...

You are much happier and reasonable this time - throwing books at Fedora,
however deserved and fun, will not change anything :-)

Please file a new bug report with Bugzilla as an F14 kernel problem.
If you need help, tell us.

Supply them with a short description of a problem.

Supply board's BIOS date, so kernel maintainers know what applies in their

Attach to the report the CentOS dmesg and lspci output files.
Add one more output file 'lspci -vv'.

Refer to this thread in report's additional info section like this:
Fedora users list - thread with test results

You may want to offer to share thread excerpts (if not confidential) 
between you and Intel about board and BIOS issues - it will help kernel devs 
as well.

You will be notified by e-mail of any activity in that report. Be ready to
respond to them, with comments or data.
The kernel maintainers may ask you to provide them with some info (perhaps
digital photos of the debugging output, etc).

This will serve as a blueprint for upgrade process of your other servers :-)

When you file the report, let us know (here in this thread) its Bugzilla # so
we can follow it as well.


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