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Mike McCarty <Mike.McCarty <at>> writes:

> ... 
> Additionally, I note that quite a bit of the bandwidth on the Fedora
> and CentOS echoes relate to SELinux making ordinary people doing
> ordinary things difficult. It's a complex subsystem, and I don't need
> more complexity on my machine, either just in defective code (which
> it certainly must have) or in additional administration requirements.
> Anyway, it's enough simply to say that I don't want it, for whatever
> reasons, and so I'm on my way not to using any Linux distro which
> forces it upon me.
> Mike

Yes, I agree with you.
It is a product of academics employed by NSA, and so of questionable practical
use for people who are dealing with system admin and security issues on daily

While being aware that I am expanding the thread with another sub-topic, let
me inject here another fiasco in waiting (or already done).
This one will also affect UNIX/Linux system programming and introduce MORE
complexity and LESS security.
How about that "for a change" ?

It is called "capabilities".

Read this carefully (it will scare you if you bother to get deep into it):


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