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Tim wrote:
> You're only thinking of problems due to incoming networking connections.
> That's only a small part of the equation.

For me, the entire equation boils down to whether I'm in control
of what gets loaded on my machine, or someone else is. With
Red Hat products, I'm not in control. I happen not to want SELinux.
My reasons are not up for debate, since they are personal preference.

De gustibus non disputandem est.

You want SELinux, fine. I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise.
I happen not to want it, and don't care to debate that any further.
I've expended as much energy attempting to explain the reasons one
might not want SELinux on his machine as I care to.

As far as I am concerned, gettng SELinux loaded on my machine
_is_ a breach, since I don't want it there.

I can't think of anything that SELinux provides that I want enough
to load thousands of lines of code concealing defects.

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