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On 10/06/2010 05:33 PM, Paul Cartwright wrote:
> On Wed October 6 2010, Rick Stevens wrote:
>>> so, is it better to ftp over SSL or sftp using ssh?
>> As others have said, chrooting FTPS is easier than chrooting ssh and its
>> kin.  sftp also infers ssh must be available as well.  I don't know if
>> that's true or not.  If it is and someone guesses your password, then
>> they get a shell via ssh.  Depends on how paranoid you are.
> I'm... a small home user, and not at all familiar with chrooting, should I be
> using it too? as for the guessing my password, that is a good point. Though I
> do not do that as root, still, that would allow access to my system.

It depends on how secure you wish to be.  If your site is going to get a
lot of traffic or you're going to have a lot of different people
uploading to you, yes, I'd consider a chroot environment (a.k.a. chroot
jail).  The details of a chroot jail are available elsewhere and I
won't go into the details here.

>> FTPS has the ability to use three different encryption things: no
>> encryption, encryption of just the control channel or encryption of
>> both control and data connections.  vsftpd allows you to run both
>> regular FTP and FTPS using the same daemon and there's no possibilty
>> of an outsider getting a shell.
> vsftpd, I'll have to check that out. thanks for the tips&  info, always good
> to learn new useful apps..
>> It's up to you.  We use sftp for most things here, but I've had a lot
>> of clients in the past want FTP/FTPS.  As for the paranoia thing:
>> "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they AREN'T out to get me!"
> that's exactly how I think when I'm out on my motorcycle:)

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