Power management capacity dialog removed in F13

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In F12, the left mouse button over the battery icon opened a dropped down menu with a "Laptop battery" menu entry. Selecting the menu entry opened a small dialog with the battery's details, specifically the battery's current capacity, in watts, its original capacity, in watts, and its current charge, in watts. Also its manufacturer's name. Basically, a few more details than a single capacity percentage.
In F13, selecting "Laptop battery" from the same menu, does nothing. That
information is no longer being shown. Why?
Once a day, or so, F12's power management applet went haywire on me, and for
some reason insisted that my battery's capacity is somewhere around a
thousand watts. Its current charge still showed correctly, but because of
the huge capacity, the applet was showing the battery at a ridiculous 1-2%
capacity level. When that happened, I could always open the battery dialog,
get its actual charge in watts, and have a pretty good idea how much juice
there's left in my battery.
So far, F13's power management applet has not lost its mind, and is
apparently reading the battery capacity correctly, but if it goes bonkers
again, I won't have a good read on my battery.
Anyone know why the battery information dialog has been removed?

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