Re: Wierd httpd Problem

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Mike Dwiggins wrote:

> Saw that I forgot to include the file and sent it out again 
> Last change to the DNS was Thursday and if I have any "blackhole ACL's"  
> on the TLD's I do not know of them nor how to check for them.
> Mike

The ACL's would be in /etc/named.conf

You might also be blocking their IP's in iptables.

You can check with

iptables -nL|grep -E "|||"

This assumes of course that you aren't blocking something like so you might want to also check that you dont have 
something like 72.233.69 in the iptables output. Is this a stock install 
or are you running anything like say APF or CSF as a firewall script ?

Are you able to reach the IP's they provided?
Do you have any other sites on the server which they are able to reach 

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