Re: ATI graphics mobility 5830 - does it work?

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On Monday 08 February 2010 03:26:27 Mail Lists wrote:
>   What about the rpmfusion packed ATI drivers - do they work I wonder ?

There are no ATI drivers in rpmfusion, AFAIK. The ATI's closed source Catalyst 
(formerly called fglrx) drivers reportedly do not work with current version of 
X. Since the time of Fedora 11 (or was it 10?) there haven't been any in the 

You can try downloading the Catalyst driver from the official AMD website, and 
installing/compiling the drivers yourself. But their absence of a precompiled 
package in rpmfusion suggests that you are bound to run into nontrivial 

I wouldn't know the exact nature of the problems, though. Maybe someone else 
can provide more detailed information on this?

Best, :-)

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