Re: strange prompt for password protected partition

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On 01/11/2010 08:00 PM, Chris Smart wrote:
> 2010/1/12 Andras Simon<[email protected]>:
>> I found this
>> which shows that we're not alone. There's a workaround there, which
>> might have helped you, but for me it results in an "undefined video
>> mode number: 318" error.
> Thanks. I've never bothered to set up encryption before so I was just
> trying it for fun. When it didn't work I just moved on :-)
> -c

I set up two laptops with F12 over Xmas with encrypted partitions. 
Other that anaconda not liking it, it worked on the second reboot.

In both cases, multiple encrypted partitions.

It is nice to see the bug though as I am about to upgrade (clean 
install) my main machine.

Robin Laing
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