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From: "TNWestTex" <mcforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, 2009/December/22 13:16

Steven Ringwald-3 wrote:

On Mon, 2009-12-21 at 15:29 -0600, Mikkel wrote:
My experience with ZIP disks was that if they came formatted, or if
you used the Omega formatting tools, they always had one partition.
What partition was an indication of what system they were formatted
for. Windows was partition 4, Linux was partition 1, and I don't
remember what MAC used. (It might not have used a DOS-type partition

I also remember removable platter SCSI drives that pre-dated ZIP
drives, but I can not remember what they were called. The didn't have
nearly as much capacity, and the cartridges were larger. I think I
still have a couple in storage somewhere...

I believe you are talking about the IoMega Jaz drive...

Jaz at 1G was a latecomer, Iomega Bernoulli at 44M. several years before Zip

Robert McBroom

And they tripped an interesting chip bug in the Adaptec SCSI chips
that we were using for the Microbotics hard disk controller for Amigas.
That was a bastard to track down until somebody smuggled to me the
Adaptec internal bugs tradeoff sheet for Rev C, D, and E of that chip.
No, none of them had "no bugs". It was a tradeoff.

(Otherwise, at the time, that controller and some nice 300 Meg SCSI
drives from a now defunct manufacturer in The Valley (San Fernando)
made for the fastest read and write times on disk tests that anybody
had published for ANY machine mortals could afford.)

{^_^} (Yeah, I'm THAT Joanne Dow.)
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