Re: Affraid to Upgrade from FC9 to FC12

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On 11/12/2009 01:08 AM, Roger wrote:
Would it be possible to install another hard drive and fresh install F12 on that, tweek it, get it how you want then copy your files over, then use the F9 hard drive as a back up.

This is the part I hate most about these upgrades. All options result in downtime. * Bite the bullet and upgrade "production" system. Do a backup first, in case new system doesn't work too well. Problem: if I run the new system for a month and then decide it's not ready for me yet, all the work I've done in that month will need to be migrated back into the old install. * Install on 2nd HD/computer to see how it handles/etc. In this case, I have to take time to boot into 2nd environment and play around, then boot back to prod to do my work. Too much time wasted in "new" environment.

What I'd really like is incremental changes instead of upgrades - kind of how linux moved away from the "new version" approach. Of course that's not so easy with a large distribution like this. But maybe it's doable.

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