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gilpel@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> ...which explains why I sometimes found files I didn't expect to find.
> May I suggest that you try it and tell me where your tar.gz file ends.
> Go to:
> Select Linux,
> Select tar.gz
> The button says: Agree and install now, but I doubt that a tar.gz file is
> installed automatically, mainly that my file in
> ~/.mozilla/plugins was installed in August and has the same number of
> bytes as the 64 bit version. (At, you
> get the 32 bit version.)
It goes where you tell it to go based on the preferences you have
selected and what applications may be defined.  So, it will vary and may
not be the same for you as it is for me.

For "Downloads" I have "Show the Downloads..." checked and "Save files
to Downloads".  A "Browse" reveals that means it will go to
"~/Download".  Additionally, since it is a .gz file the Applications is
consulted and that is set to "Always ask" with the default to be "Open
with Ark".

So, on my system I am first asked if I want to open it with "Ark".  If I
pick "Save" from that dialog it will go to ~/Download.

Of course the tar file is not installed automatically.  You should have
also noted that after you download there is a link to the installation

> I also have:
> /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/
> /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins-wrapped/
> which were installed in August. I had installed there
> "Just in case" but I wonder where comes
> from.
How did you install in August?  Only you can answer that.

FYI, the recommended installation method for Fedora, or any yum/rpm
based system is to "Select version to download" of "YUM for Linux" and
then install the downloaded .rpm file which will install the repo files
for Adobe in /etc/yum.repos.d

You can also do "about:plugins" in FF and determine what version of the
flash player is currently installed.

QED. Guess Who!

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