Re: Something is Fishy About My Network

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Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
> Suggestion #2 (if you are up to it):  Disable DHCP serving in your
> router and setup a DHCP server on a Linux machine.  You can set up the
> dchp.conf file to do everything your touter is doing.  If this machine
> is also running DNS, there are some ways to get them to talk to each
> other so that DNS knows the names of machines served by the DHCP server.
> This is not trivial, and requires in depth knowledge of both protocols
> to get to work right.  Possibly including depricated configuration options.

I think you're overstating the complexity of this.  It shouldn't be that
hard for him to get it working with dnsmasq.  Also, what aspect of the
configuration do you think is deprecated?

Matt Flaschen

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