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On Mon, 2008-07-21 at 13:29 +0530, aakash sharma wrote:
> The live CD distros which I have used
> 1. DyneBolic (best distro for me)
> 2. Ubuntu (took hell lot of time to boot)
> 3. Gentoo (couldn't start GUI)
> 4. DSL (not as good as DyneBolic)
> See guys, the problem with using LiveCD is that I can't save my data
> and there is no customization.

That's not exactly true.  You can customise LiveCD systems, and you can
save data.  But it's not exactly easy to do, and yes, they can be
painfully slow to use.

If you want to use a Live CD and do that, then say so.  Someone will
advise about it.  If you don't *want* to use a Live CD, then say so.
People can start to advise on other things more appropriate to you.

> My project needs simple basic structure of linux kernel.
> It doesn't require GNOME or KDE. 
> But, as I am a newbie, I can't work on command line linux.

That's not necessarily true, either.  In some cases, it can be easier to
use a command line, as you can cut and paste commands and output, use
tools with manuals, and specific options to your needs.  Starting out
using graphical tools can end up with all sorts of navigational
instructions and sets of large screenshots.

What really sets aside whether you want a graphical or textual
environment is what you're doing.  If you're working with graphics, then
obviously you'll need a graphical environment.  But if you're working
with a programming code, then text-only may well be all you need.

If you want a light weight graphical environment, you've already been
informed about some of them (e.g. XFCE).  Have you even researched them?
What help do you need to use one of them, instead?  Finding one, getting
it installed, getting logins to work, something else?

You still haven't given us any real clue about what your project is.
For all we know, you could be writing a thesis on kernels, about to
start compiling your own kernel, writing drivers, or building robots.

If you want good advice, personalised to your needs, then you need to
provide good information.  Otherwise you're going to get advised in the
wrong direction, or asked more and more questions until you give the
information people need to be able to give you advice.

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