Re: Liberation Fonts & Font-Mapping 101

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On Wednesday 07 May 2008 11:46:04 pm Tim wrote:
> You might try Googling font "substitution," "mapping" tends to get used
> for a different purpose (e.g. the placement of characters within the
> font table).

Arrrgh, thanks for the tip. 

> If you look in "/etc/fonts/fonts.conf" you should be able to see how
> they've set up aliasing for mono and sans-serif fonts, and you should be
> able to do something similar for specfic fonts (i.e. provide a list of
> fonts to be treated as requests to use your preferred font).  You might
> want to include the generic sans-serif name in that list.
> Also pay attention to the note, in that file, about using local.conf for
> your own font customisations, instead of modifying fonts.conf.  Create
> the file if it doesn't already exist.
> I've got to go through this sort of thing, myself.  But haven't got
> organised yet.

Thanks Tim for pointing me to the right direction.  

All the best,

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