Re: f8: PC dies while using firefox

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On Tue, 2008-04-29 at 09:14 -0600, Robin Laing wrote:
> What version of Flash are you using?
I don't think this is it. I thought of it and switched to gnash and the
same happened.
> I had an issue related to flash causing my system to freeze.  I have
> not 
> seen it for ages.
> Also, have you updated to the latest BIOS.  My new desktop would
> freeze 
> but once I updated the BIOS, no issues.
I have the latest BIOS... still the same...
> I had an issue with my nvidia card on F7 and freezing, even with the
> nv 
> driver.  If I sshd into the computer, I would find xorg using most of 
> the process though.  Same at work with an ATI card.
Ok, that is still in the table...
> It is fun trying to trace these issues.
Yep, it is! ;=)

Renich Bon Ciric <[email protected]>

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