Re: SMP kernel sees only one of my 2 cores..

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> Gautam Thaker wrote:
>> I am running Fedora Core 8 w/ all the updates installed. The kernel
>> version is SMP. I  have been using the system happily
>> for about 2 months. I don't know just when, but in last week, the
>> kernel sees only  1 of my 2 cores.
> Check the bios settings, someone else lost most of his cores and traced it
> back
> to a bios setting that caused the cpus to not be seen in some version of
> the
> kernel.
> He had disabled CPUID LIMIT in the bios and cpus disappeared in some
> kernel
> versions, see if yours is enabled or disabled.
> Also a number of other bios settings will cause cpus to disappear.
>                             Roger

I checked the bios. It is Phoenix Award Bios V1.0.7. It does not have any
settings that I could find anything about  CPUID LIMIT anywhere. Where
might it be? I went back and booted " #1 SMP Sun Feb 10
17:48:34 EST 2008 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux", which I also know was
running w/ 2 cores happily for a while, but it too shows just one core. So
it is not 2.6.23 versus 2.6.24 issue as far as I can tell. Very puzzling -
something else must have changed during the updates(?)

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