NVidia 6600GT video failure

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Having been disappointed with the on-board Intel 945GM video hardware on 
my new computer, I found an inexpensive nVidia 6600GT PCI-E board with 
512MB ram to replace it. Unfortunately, I cannot get either the "nv" 
driver or the proprietary nVidia driver to work with it: "no screens 

I used system-config-display to generate a new xorg.conf; no joy.

Built the latest proprietary nVidia driver modules to try the 
proprietary driver; no joy. Plus, the nvideo OpenGL libraries hosed the 
old Intel libraries so I had to reinstall the Intel driver rpms. 

The new card works with the "vesa" driver, but only gives me a 60hz 
refresh rate, which gives me a headache in about 5 minutes. 

Adding insult to injury, after reinstalling the old Intel drivers, I can 
no longer get hardware OpenGL support, so everything runs even worse 
than it did before.

Is there a secret to getting the nVidia stuff to work? I'm using 
Fedora8 x86-64 with kernel With my old machine, the 
proprietary modules built and installed fine, but this new machine is 
being a PITA.


John ([email protected])

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