Re: how would you backup 1TB of data to dvds?

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On Sun, 2008-02-10 at 10:40 -0800, Les wrote:

> This is probably too late to help you ric, but the disks are plastic,
> and the actual media that the recording is made into is a layer in the
> middle.  The plastic can be buffed.  I had a favorite dvd movie that I
> loved, and it got scratched.  I used toothpaste (not a gel, the old
> paste), and a soft cloth (a diaper which we keep for working on varnish
> and my motorcycle windshields) and buffed it out.  Take a small daub of
> toothpaste, and using a circular motion with the finger(s), just keep
> polishing the area with the scratch out to about 0.5" from it.  This
> will restore the clarity of the plastic and the recording can be
> recovered.
> rinse, buff and repeat until the scratch is no longer present when light
> is reflected off the disk.  Make a copy once it is working, because new
> drives spin quite fast and I suspect the disk physical integrity may be
> compromised.
> Hope this hint helps some of you with those disks you thought were lost.
> Regards,
> Les H

Perfect! I shall give that a go as I still have the disk! I like it,
low-budget, low-tech and it appears perfectly doable! Thanks Les! 

<grinning hugely!> Ric

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