Re: Stop anacron?

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Bob Goodwin wrote:

inode0 wrote:

On Dec 25, 2007 8:46 AM, Bob Goodwin <[email protected]> wrote:
The obvious choice to me would be to turn off cron and let anacron run
since I believe it comes on sometime [programmable] after boot.  My
problem being that I normally shut the computer down at night  and get
up early on the morning sometimes before and sometimes after cron runs.
However I believe cron must be left on or anacron won't run?

You could always just change the time cron trips its routine
processing by changing /etc/crontab to a time more suitable for your
needs too.


   Yes, I have been considering doing that too.  If I set cron to run
   at 07:00 I could stop anacron and would probably have a log entry
   most every day.

   I just thought I might be missing something that everyone else knew
   about ...

   Bob Goodwin.
Anacron is only supposed to run jobs that were supposed to be run by
cron but were not for some reason. There may be a configuration error in

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