Re: Ethernet card won't take dcH Inititalization

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Bryan A Zimmer wrote:
> Hello.
> I have a computer with as my ISP. My Ethernet cable goes
> from the network interface to the cable modem.
> I have another computer with the same setup and DHCP is no problem.
> On the problem computer, the card does not acquire an Ethernet address,
> and I don't know enough about DHCP in Linux to configure the client
> software or configure the Ethernet card.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction? The non-working computer is
> a standard x86_64 machine with a RealTek "8139too". I compared the
> scripts and configuration I could find, but got nowhere.
> The giveaway is theat the "PCLiNK" on the modem does not illuminate
> (meaning there is no signal from the ethernet card to the cable modem).
> The thing is, in WindowsXP, this same computer works fine,
5 copies of the message? Isn't that a bit excessive?


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