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Craig White wrote:

The relevance is that the Linux faithful like to regurgitate the lines about how stable interfaces and binary drivers can't work when in fact they work just fine and the majority of the world runs on them taking advantage of the vendor's expertise and desire for a competitive advantage. Just a reality check...
They do? puts Linux at 3%. Somewhere I thought I saw that current sales were around 8% Mac compared to the overall 3.8% though.
those numbers just don't look right. I refuse to believe that Win98 is
and has been under 1% and Vista is so small.
Vista has not been well accepted at the enterprise level. Something
about changing driver interfaces, perhaps... Microsoft has been forced
to extend their support for XP and Dell continues to offer it.
As for Macintosh sales being 8%, I haven't seen any such report...that
would be a significant increase.
It is significant. They are up 34% this quarter from a year ago with the
PC market only growing at about 15%
And with Leopard they are officially Posix compliant and UNIX 03 registered. And they have dtrace.
  Les Mikesell
    [email protected]

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